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A software that can be downloaded for free, used by anyone without the need of a pro, user friendly interface, packed with impressive features that will hook not just advanced users but as well as newbie’s, this software is downloaded by a lot of users when recording PC screen activity and this software is the Camstudio. What users will find are worth using, and to show you the in-depth features of Camstudio, here are some you should check.

Region Options – The standard software will record PC screen activity however it will not allow users to set their own screen size. With the use of Camstudio, one has the freedom to choose whatever screen size fits his/her needs. This software comes with three screen size options; the region, fixed region and fullscreen. Before starting on capturing or recording your computer screen, you may need to set your desired option first.

Record in Different Format – Camstudio gives user an option of whether to record an audio using an AVI format or SWF format. This software will prompt users to choose the format they want, if the user wants an AVI file, simply choose AVI and that’s it and same goes for the SWF.

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Camstudio Features

Lossless Codec – Camstudio uses Lossless codec to ensure that the quality of your file is crystal clear and its file size which is a lot smaller as compared to Microsoft Video 1 or other existing codec’s out there.

Screen Annotations – Camstudio encourages creativity therefore users will find a lot of screen annotation options where one can edit texts, images and even resized it. An option for speech balloons, short little memos, and an option to edit its transparency is also provided.

Audio Feature – Aside from recording screen activity, Camstudio allows adding an audio in ones video. Users can choose to use a microphone or use the speaker that comes with the PC.

Free to Use – Because this software is open source, this can be used by everyone and take advantage of its features. Licensed under the terms of GNU GPL, nothing could get better than this.

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